Making the world just a bit smaller.

In many developing countries, doctors and nurses who deliver medical care to remote rural communities often find themselves working in isolation from their medical colleagues.

The Small World Foundation is working to offer more support to these dedicated health care professionals by giving them the means to consult with overseas specialists when faced with unusual and challenging cases.

Small World Foundation has had notable success implementing live, two-way video conferencing for physicians in remote areas, where telephone, internet or access to electricity does not presently exist! (Dallas Morning News 3/12/99)

With the rapid advances in remote technology devices, combined with your generosity, we can vastly improve the delivery of medical care to those who need it most.

The new equipment would allow doctors in the field to consult with specialists anywhere in the world on difficult cases and evaluate patients previously treated.

"One of the greatest frustrations in medical mission work is the difficulty in being able to provide adequate post-operative and follow-up care."
- Dr. Kevin Hopkins, founder of Small World Foundation

Combined with the capabilities of our Mobile Hospital project, these powerful tools are breaking down the barriers that have previously prevented effective health care delivery and follow-up in these underdeveloped communities.

If would like to contribute to help advance our telemedicine project, please contact us today so that we can put these tools to use.