Mobile Hospital

Bringing Modern Medical Care To Remote Locations.

Sometimes it is just not practical for patients to leave their rural villages and travel to our temporary clinics in larger urban centers.  If the patients can't come to us, soon we'll be able to more easily come to the patients! 

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In order to locate and treat those patients with disabilities and limited transportation resources, we are seeking to bring medical care to the remote areas of the underdeveloped world via Operation Mobile Hospital.  With fundraising efforts nearing  our goal, we are nearly ready to launch our first state-of-the-art field unit.

We have ordered a self-sufficient mobile hospital to be custom-built in the United States and transported to Central America with the latest technology in medical care and telecommunication, so more patients in remote areas can receive quality care on a regular basis.

"Whoever receives one of these children in My name, receives Me."    Mark 9:37

The 26-foot truck body with expandable sides will include a laboratory, x-ray, pre-op and post-op area, ultrasound and minor surgery room as well as satellite communication capabilities.

Once ready for the field, this medical-surgical mobile unit will be permanently situated in Central America and staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses from the United States with many medical subspecialties.

SWF Mobile Hospital I is our vision for the future and we need your help to make it possible. Our long term goal is to deploy several of these units in the countries where we are focusing our medical mission outreach efforts.

With just a few more donations, our dream can quickly become a reality.

Please, join our efforts to bring medical care to the world's developing countries.